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Highland Vegetables

Highland Vegetables

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Highland Vegetables

Fruit & Veggie Shop is a wholesaler in the area of Palawan. If interested please text or call us - 0949-356 6636 for prices or quantities.

We offer the following items:

Arugula Baby (Rocket), AsparagusBaguio Beans, Basil Leaves, Bell Pepper Red, Bell Pepper Green, Broccoli, Cabbage Red, Cabbage RB, Cabbage Scorpio, Calamansi (Rosario), Carrots Big, Cauliflower, Celery/Kinchay, Chicharo, Cucumber, Lemon Green, Lemon Yellow, Lettuce Round, Lettuce Lolorosa, Lettuce Iceberg, Lettuce Romaine, Mint Leaves, Parsley, Pechay Baguio, Potato, Onion Leaks, Raddish, Rosemary Leaves, Sayote, Spinach, Sugar Beet, Sweet Peas,Tomato Salad, Tomato Cherry,Thyme Leaves and Young Corn.

These items can't be ordered through our webpage. It is only foar display.

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