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Bluenotes ARABICA BRAZIL SANTOS 250 grams

Bluenotes ARABICA BRAZIL SANTOS 250 grams

  • ₱364.00

Upon brewing, this coffee’s rich aroma instantly envelopes your senses. The fragrant tones and a hint of sweetness complement a nutty, smooth cup, finishing off with a chocolate taste. This medium roasted coffee is a must for finishing off a hearty meal.

Selecting the beans: Artisans selects Gourmet coffees which represent varying origins of the worlds coffee production. Artisans uses only the best beans that meets the quality criteria it demands. An extremely meticulous task, only to bring forth the best for you to Discover.

Blending of discovery box: Like an artist creating a perfectly harmonious canvas by using his paint palette, the roaster produces seductive masterpieces in the cup out of single-origin coffees. As old as coffee itself, blending is a technique that optimizes the body, aroma, and flavors of single-origins in order to create new tastes. The goal of coffee blending is to produce a cup of coffee that is superior to each single component alone.

Roasting: It is during roasting that coffee aromas develop. Our Master Roaster must be part artist, and part scientist, to maintain quality and consistency of the profiles designed to bring out the distinct characteristics of the diverse origins.

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